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Men's Counsellor & Registered Psychotherapist

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Welcome to SHIFT Counselling!

I’m Dave Robinson, I’m known to many as the “Go-to-Guy for Helping Guys.” Glad you stopped by.

In my corner of the world, for just about 20 years, I’ve been chatting with, listening to, and learning from guys like you. Witnessing their highs, supporting them through their lows, being there for them, and creating a spot where they can just be unapologetically themselves.

SHIFT isn’t just a counseling service. Think of it more like a supportive sanctuary where you’re heard, your battles are recognized, and your potential isn’t just seen – it’s celebrated. Walking beside you, cheering you on as you rekindle that spark, reignite your passion for relationships, and grab hold of the life that’s been waiting for you – it’s more than a job to me. It’s an honor to serve.

SHIFT is a place where understanding melds with action, where your steps towards healing and rediscovery are acknowledged with compassion and joy. Let’s travel along your path together, unearthing, exploring, and helping to guide you towards the life that’s calling you forward.

So here’s a hearty welcome to SHIFT Counselling – your starting line for a journey toward creating a shift, fueled by compassion, tempered with curiosity and peppered with professional guidance. Whenever you’re ready to take your next step forward, I’ll be here, ready to support and challenge you every step of the way.

It’s never too late to become the best you, that you can be. Let’s get you the SHIFT you are looking for…together!


Individual Counselling

Individual sessions focus on providing personalized support and guidance if you're facing various emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges.


Counselling Intensives

Ideal for clients wishing to accelerate their therapeutic journey in a safe environment that provides the freedom to tackle a significant life challenge.

My commitment to you

I work with guys 18 years and older, together we tackle getting your relationships on a smoother track – whether that’s with yourself, your parents, partners, brothers, sisters, kids, or friends. Why? So you can handle life’s little (or big) stumbles and return to confidently leaning into whatever life may throw your way.

No matter what you’re going through – be it anxiety, depression, trauma, feeling isolated, or grieving a loss; I’m here, all in, ready to do whatever I can to help you make the SHIFT you’re aiming for…together.

Looking forward to journeying alongside you.

The Journey

Above the mountains the geese turn into the light again painting their black silhouettes on an open sky.

Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you.

Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that first, bright and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart.

Sometimes with the bones of the black sticks left when the fire has gone out, someone has written something new in the ashes of your life.

you are not leaving,
you're arriving.

A Poem by David Whyte (House of Belonging)