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Men's Counselling & Registered Psychotherapist | Guelph, ON | David Robinson

David Robinson (he/Him)

MA. Counselling Psychology, B.Comm. | Registered Psychotherapist, C.C.C.

I have dedicated my life to counseling and coaching men, driven by a deep passion to make the world safer for women, children, and men alike. My mission is to support men in leading conscious and fulfilling lives, fostering a sense of safety and understanding in the world.

My commitment to men’s mental health and well-being, led me to establish a men’s peer-to-peer support network in Waterloo Region, affiliated with the Mankind Project International (MKPI). For nearly 2 decades, I have actively contributed to MKP Canada and served as the founding board Chairman of MKP Ontario. My involvement also extends to the North American Leader Council, where I have been an active board member, and currently, I serve on the Leader Council for MKP Canada.

As a Certified Leader and Leader Trainer with MKPI, I lead experiential and educational training weekends for men across North America. These programs focus on developing emotionally self-aware communication, personal accountability, and servant leadership, empowering men to navigate their lives with confidence and empathy.

I am a proud member of Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI), an organization devoted to supporting and mentoring men towards personal success. Additionally, I have been involved in Boys to Men Canada, a mentoring program designed to guide young teens on their journeys to becoming strong, compassionate individuals. My dedication to men’s well-being has also taken me abroad, where I have contributed to building supportive men’s communities in Europe and North America. Recently, I had the honor of representing the Canadian government in Latvia, promoting gender equality and understanding on a global scale. In addition to my work with men, I am a passionate advocate for mental health and diversity in the workplace. I seamlessly integrate my counseling expertise into my role as a leadership consultant and coach. By helping organizational leaders cope with psycho-social stress and occupational burnout, I aim to create conscious leaders who, in turn, foster a more compassionate and inclusive society. Through these efforts, I hope to inspire positive change and create a world where everyone feels valued and supported.

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